What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oil bottlesThere are many definitions of essential oils including this very dry explanation by an author whose name I have forgotten. “Essential oils are the essence of the plant contained in the glands, glandular hairs, sacs or veins of leaves, stems, bark, flowers, roots and fruits of different plants.
They are very potent and can be up to a hundred times more concentrated than the fresh herb. They are very volatile turning from a liquid to a gas at room temperature.”

It is very true but I think they are so much more than that. The above doesn’t take into account how well they work to heal on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They are very versatile and can be used in a vaporiser, bath, massage and anointing oils. They are used in hospitals and hospices for both their physical and emotional healing properties. Frankincense has been used in churches and religious ceremonies for hundreds of years because of its meditative properties.

The Fragrant Bridge Logo - an essential oil dropFor me they are the soul or essence of the plant that touches our soul or essence and begins a healing on all levels. They are truly a fragrant bridge. The header of my blog and my logo drawn by Doris Wittmann expresses this. There is the tree or plant giving up its essential oil and the person receiving it. The drop represents both the plant’s and the person’s essence. Essential oils have the ability to both ground us and free us to connect with our higher self.