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Help for Pre-Menstrual Tension

Pre-menstrual tension

Pre-menstrual tension is the term given to the many different symptoms you may experience in the week to ten days before your period. There are many reasons for PMT but fluid retention caused by low levels of oestrogen and high progesterone levels just before your period in addition to stress and poor diet maybe the cause.

This can result in the following physical symptoms; tenderness of the breast, swollen abdomen, headaches, nausea, uterine cramps, fatigue, weight gain, constipation and mild to severe fluid retention.

Emotionally you may experience depression, weepiness, irritability, food cravings, loss of concentration, lethargy, tearfulness and in some rare cases violent and dramatic personality changes.

Woman Lying in a Bathtub Using essential oils in the bath, vaporising them and massaging can make a difference to how you feel each month. Gently massage your blend over your lower back, solar plexus, tops of your thighs and buttocks and your abdomen approximately one week before your period is due and for approximately one week afterwards. Do for 2 or 3 months to assess the difference.

Placing a hot compress (be careful not to burn yourself) over your abdomen may be soothing. Adding 4 or 5 drops of clary sage, marjoram or lavender essential oils to the compress water is helpful.

Essential oils for Pre-Menstrual Tension include:
Clary Sage – cramping
Geranium – mood balancer
Rosemary – cramping, uplifting, concentration, lethargy
Bergamot – uplifting, weepiness, depression
Roman chamomile – cramping, fluid retention, depression
Lavender – cramping, weepiness, headache
Petitgrain – depression, lethargy
Rose – calming and emotionally healing. Buy as a 3% dilution in jojoba and use as a perfume.

Make a blend using any of the above oils. Use up to 30 drops in total in 30 mls of cold pressed vegetable oil. You may need to experiment to come up with your perfect blend or see your aromatherapist for a blend to suit you.

For painful periods try
Clary sage 10 drops
Geranium 10 drops
Petitgrain 10 drops in 30 mls of cold pressed vegetable oil

In addition to the above you may want to supplement your diet with a good vitamin B complex and evening primrose oil.