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Four Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are many different ways you can use essential oils. Here are four of them.
Clarity InhalerDirect Inhalation – This is one of the easiest ways to experience essential oils. Simply open the bottle and sniff. You can also put one or two drops on a handkerchief or tissue. Alternatively put a few cotton balls into a small bottle such as a used essential oil or tablet bottle add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil, close the bottle. When you need to smell the essential oil simply open the bottle and sniff. The aroma will last a long time. This is useful for people with anxiety who may use a particular oil to calm them down. Or add up to 15 drops of your favourite blend to a personal inhaler.

Steam Inhalation – Fill a bowl with hot water; add 3 or 4 drops of essential oil. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and with your head above the water breathe in the steam. Be careful to have the bowl on a flat surface. Also make sure there aren’t any young children nearby. This is very effective for treating colds and flu.

Add 6 to 8 drops to half a cup of full fat milk and then add that to the bath water and swish the water around before getting in. By adding the milk you help the oils disperse through the water instead of sitting on top. Be careful which oils you use. Oils like lavender, geranium, chamomile and ylang ylang are fine but you may regret adding ginger, nutmeg or any of the hot stimulating oils.

Woman having an aromatherapy massageMassage is a very enjoyable way to experience the essential oils. Use 10 to 12 drops in 25 mls of cold pressed vegetable oil. For sensitive skin 5 to 7 drops is enough. Massage is wonderful for relieving muscle aches and pains, stress, and nervous tension. It can also help to ease the muscle cramps of PMS.

Make your own unique perfume by adding up to 7 drops of essential oil to 10mls of jojoba or a cold pressed vegetable oil. Alternatively rose, jasmine or neroli essential oils in 2 or 3% jojoba can be applied straight to the skin.

Essential Oils and Overwhelm

essential oils and overwhelm

Many people today are in a state of overwhelm. How many times do you hear someone say, “I have so much to do, I don’t know where to start.” or “I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t cope.” and perhaps burst into tears?

OverwhelmOverwhelm occurs when you are stressed, stuck and afraid to tackle something that is unknown, difficult or scares you. It is the fear that you have too much to do, too little time or energy, don’t know where to start and will never get it all done. It is a form of procrastination especially for the perfectionist and those who feel responsible for everything and everyone. For those who have poor self-esteem and lack personal boundaries, the inability to say no can result in overwhelm when they realize they can’t fulfil all their commitments.

Overwhelm manifests on both physical and emotional levels and can show up as tight neck and shoulders, a knot in your stomach, tiredness, stress, confusion, anxiety, helplessness, lack of motivation, short-temper and panic attacks. Each person is unique and so your way of manifesting overwhelm will be unique to you.

Burnout occurs when overwhelm has been present for an extended period of time without being addressed.

Here are a few tips and essential oils to help you get out of overwhelm and back on track.
1. Admit you are overwhelmed and ask for help.

2. Make a to-do list of all that needs to be done. Choose 3 to 5 tasks to do each day. These may be the most pressing, or will help you breathe easier and give you a sense of accomplishment once they are completed. Also consider choosing tasks that once done will eliminate the need to do other tasks on your list. Only plan to finish these tasks so they can be crossed off your list. Should you finish these quickly you then have the choice to add another 3 to 5 tasks or give yourself time for you and your own self-nourishment.

3. Learn to say no. This can be difficult when you have low self-esteem or difficulty setting boundaries. Pine essential oil (along with an affirmation or mantra such as I am worthy and I can say no) used on your solar plexus can be helpful here.

4. Delegate and let others help you. You don’t have to do it all. If you feel responsible for everyone and everything try using black pepper essential oil in your diffuser or on your solar plexus or sacral chakras.

5. If there seem to be too many tasks and you don’t know which to choose first try meditating with neroli or sandalwood. Meditation can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to inhale the oil and savouring the aroma or of going into the garden and really seeing a flower or looking out the window and really concentrating on an object. After taking this time out look at your list again and choose.

6. Get grounded. When you are overwhelmed your energy is scattered. Try grounding yourself by going outside, taking off your shoes and socks and putting your feet on the grass or some other natural surface. Take a barefoot walk, lie on the grass and look at the clouds, sit on the ground and do some deep breathing. Breathe in vetiver, a very grounding oil, if you don’t have access to the outdoors.

7. Consider what you are avoiding and what the fear is behind it. Once you are clear about what’s stopping you, face the fear and go and do the task. Use nutmeg to help you over that feeling that it’s all too hard, ginger to help stop procrastinating, geranium to bring balance and grapefruit to remove those heavy negative feelings.

8. Use sweet fennel in your diffuser to help you complete your tasks.

9. Once you have completed the 3-5 tasks you set yourself for the day, take some time out to nourish yourself. Have a fragrant bath, eat a nourishing meal, spend a little time outdoors, have a massage or do something you really enjoy.

Before you know it you will have completed your to-do list and have a sense of accomplishment. Continue to use the tips and essential oils above to stop you getting into overwhelm and possible burnout again.

Guidelines for Diluting Essential Oils


Here are some simple guidelines for diluting essential oils.

Woman having an aromatherapy massageFor a 0.5% dilution use 2-3 drops in 20mls of vegetable oil or 5-6 drops in 50 mls.
Use for children under 10, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin, facial, pregnancy, emotional and spiritual blends.
For children less than 18 months of age use 1-2 drops of essential oil in 20 mls cold pressed vegetable oil.

For a 2 or 2.5% dilution use 8-10 drops in 20mls of vegetable oil or 20-25 drops in 50 mls.
This is a blend for everyday use.

For a 5% dilution use 20-30 drops in 20mls of vegetable oil or 50-60 drops in 50 mls.
Use for short term or localized treatment. For example colds/flu, localised pain, bruising and infection.

For a 0.5% dilution use 3-4 drops in 30mls/grams of oil/cream or 5-6 drops in 50 mls/grams.
Use for children under 10, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin blends.
For children less than 18 months of age use 1-2 drops of essential oil in 20 mls/grams vegetable oil/cream.

For a 2 or 2.5% dilution use 12-15 drops in 30mls/grams of vegetable oil/cream or 20-25 drops in 50 mls/grams.
This is a blend for everyday use.

For a 5% dilution use 30-40 drops in 30mls/grams of vegetable oil/cream or 50-60 drops in 50 mls/grams.
Use for short term or localized treatment. For example colds/flu, bruising and infection.

Woman Lying in a Bathtub Holding a MugDilute the essential oil in half a cup of full fat milk, a teaspoon of honey, sobuliser or bubble bath before adding to the bath. This helps to disperse the essential oil through the bathwater rather than sitting on top of it. This is especially important in the case of babies and young children. Swish the water vigorously before getting in. Remember to keep the bathroom door closed.

Use 3-4 drops of essential oil for young children, eczema, psoriasis, pregnancy and sensitive skin. 1 or 2 drops is sufficient for children less than 12 months of age.
Use 6-8 drops for relaxation or revitalization.
Use 10-12 drops for infections, acne, boils, colds and flu.

Woman Soaking Her FeetUse between 2 and 6 drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water. Dilute in milk etc. as above and/or swish the water very well.

Add 3 or 4 drops of essential oil to a bowl of warm water.

Put one or two drops on a handkerchief or tissue.
Add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to a few cotton balls inside a small bottle and close the lid. Use as necessary.

Add 4-8 drops to the diffuser or vaporiser depending on room size.

Add 2-6 drops to a 500ml bowl of warm or cool water.

Add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to a glass of water.

Add up to 15 – 20 drops of a single oil or blend to 50 mls of water.

Perfume bottlesMake your own unique perfume by adding up to 10 drops of essential oil to 10mls of jojoba or a cold pressed vegetable oil.

Essential Oils for the New Year

essential_oils_for_the_new_yearOften at this time of year people make New Year resolutions with the intention of keeping them but by the end of the month many are forgotten. Perhaps they were too difficult to keep and you are now feeling bad about that.

May I suggest that you either make resolutions that make you feel good and are very easy to keep or that you choose a word that will be your guiding light for 2015.

Woman having an aromatherapy massageSome examples of New Year’s resolutions that may feel good could be to have some chocolate or other food you fancy once a week but really take the time to enjoy it and how it makes you feel good rather than feeling bad because you perceive that it is bad for you. Another could be that you will give yourself time for you once a week. This could be as simple as having a regular massage, vaporising some oils, going for a walk or sitting in the garden for five minutes. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something you enjoy. Give yourself the gift of you. You give so much to family, friends and work so why not give something to yourself?

If you choose a word that will be your guiding light for the year choose one that feels right for you. It may be a word you hear or see several times or you can meditate and see what comes. Know why you are choosing the word and put the power of intention behind it.

You may choose the words release or letting go as a guide to help you clear the clutter in your life whether physical, mental, emotional or releasing unwanted kilos.
You may choose beauty or gratitude so that even in the darkest of times you can see or find the beauty around you or feel a sense of gratitude for something in your life. You may even choose a word like progress or innovative. It doesn’t really matter what the word or phrase is as long as it feels right for you and can act as guiding light to help you through the coming year.

Some oils that you may like to use to help with your potential are
Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) – can help you find and stay focussed on your direction in life and take responsibility for your actions.

CedarwoodCedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) – can give you the courage to move forward and follow your dreams.


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) – can help you let go of old ideas, beliefs, emotions, and habits that you no longer need.

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) can bring clarity when you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what you should be doing.

Geranium 7Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is another oil to choose if you are beginning something. She can bring a sense of renewal and is also the perfect oil for bringing balance to all aspects of your life, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) – motivates you to move past any restrictions or limitations you have put in place.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) – helps you reconnect with your purpose and passion in life.

Fennel 5Sweet fennel (Foeniculum vulgare dulce) – is helpful if you feel that there are aspects of the past year that you need to bring to a close so that you can begin afresh.