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Why I Use Essential Oils In My Practice

“Natural fragrances have a moonlike quality, they can be unpredictable and are intimately connected with the subconscious mind. Like a reflection in a pool they put us in touch with the person we know is there but somehow cannot quite reach.”

The above quote by Jane Grayson is one of my favourites for explaining how essential oils work not only on the emotional and spiritual body but also the physical body. We are not simply physical or emotional beings but a combination and what affects us on an emotional level will show up in the body and vice versa.

It is for this reason that I use essential oils with all my clients, the exception being Indian head massage, but even then I have on occasions used essential oils when I thought they would benefit the client.

The results clients get from essential oils can sometimes seem miraculous. In my early days as an aromatherapist I used essential oils to help heal a gangrenous heel in a nursing home patient.

work-stress-3In the case of stress clients are dealing with both the physical and emotional effects of stress which can include tight neck and shoulders, lower back pain, insomnia, headaches, overwhelm, mood swings, low self-esteem and feeling down. Essential oils are perfect to help both the physical and emotional effects and can be used in combination with massage, added to a bath, worn as a perfume or inhaled either using a personal inhaler or room vaporiser.

Personal inhalers have been used in the UK to help patients with cancer deal with their pain. In this case the person inhales their favourite aroma, which may not necessarily be an essential oil, to help them with their pain levels. They control how often they inhale the aroma. The aroma takes them back to happier times.

I have used essential oils in blends that remind clients of their childhood, a parent or some happy event and it seems to help them relax more. There is nothing more pleasing than seeing a client’s eyes light up when they inhale an aroma which has such happy associations for them. For me it seems that their soul and the plant’s soul or spirit unite to commence a healing on both the physical and emotional levels.

The Fragrant Bridge Logo - an essential oil dropFor me this is how healing begins when we use essential oils. It may seem that I’m using the oil to help heal a physical condition or ease sore aching muscles but the oils are also working on a deeper level. My logo illustrates this. On one side is the tree or plant and on the other a person, both their spirits or souls intermingling to help the person heal. The essential oil is the carrier for this healing.

In order to choose the best combination of oils for the new client I have them fill out a form and ask questions. In later visits I also check how things are going. I then choose oils based on those answers and have clients smell each oil that will be going into the blend to get their reaction to the oils chosen. I may also make a blend based on an aromatherapy card reading and invariably they love the combination in part because this is what they have chosen and is needed at that moment in time.

Not just a pretty smell binder 1I know many people think that essential oils are just a pretty smell and I titled my latest ebook “Not just a Pretty Smell” because that is what a passport control officer said to me when I visited England 2 years ago. “Aromatherapy that’s what makes soaps and candles smell nice.” I did explain they were so much more than that.

Although I use essential oils when I massage this is not the only way clients can benefit from essential oils. As stated above they can be used in personal inhalers and room vaporisers, in the bath and worn as a perfume. They can also be used as a meditation aid, to help in visualisation, with affirmations, for anointing the body, as part of a healing and with reiki.

If you would like to experience the relaxing effects of an aromatherapy massage give me a call on 0404 988 565, email me or sign up for my ebook “Not just a Pretty Smell – Exploring Subtle Ways of Using Essential Oils” for ways to use 10 oils for emotional healing.

9 Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

9 EO's to help you sleep

There may be times in your life when you have trouble sleeping or may get to sleep but wake throughout the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep.

There can be a number of reasons for not being able to sleep which include worry, stress, exams, pain, fear, overtiredness, caffeine, eating too late at night, shift work, noise, a new baby, depression and being too excited to sleep.

Missed sleep, especially if it is cumulative, can affect your concentration and efficiency. You may also become more irritable, tired, exhausted, worried and stressed thus creating a never ending cycle.

If there is no medical reason for your insomnia you may like to try the following
1. A warm glass of milk or a cup of chamomile tea an hour or two before bed time.

2. Some visualization. Imagine a very relaxing scene. Make sure you involve all your senses.

3. A warm bath. Add 6 drops in total of one or two of the relaxing essential oils below in a half cup of full fat milk and add to the bath. Play relaxing music to further relax you.

4. A back massage using 5 drops of 1 or 2 of the following essential oils in total in 10mls of vegetable oil. You could also gently massage your chest so you are breathing in the aroma during the night.

5. Place a few drops on a tissue and leave near your pillow so you can breathe in the aroma. An ultrasonic diffuser could also be used.

9 Essential Oils to Help You Sleep
Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) a balancing oil that helps to calm the mind and ease nervous exhaustion due to stress.

Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) the classic oil for relaxation and sleep.

Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) helps to calm and soothe you.

Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini) helps to calm the mind and ease anxiety allowing you to sleep.

Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) a very calming relaxing oil. Along with mandarin it is safe for young children but use only 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to 10mls of vegetable oil in a massage blend.

Sandalwood (Santalum album) or Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) helps to quiet the mind and bring a sense of calm so you can sleep.

Sweet marjoram (Marjorama hortensis) is useful if you can’t sleep because your thoughts keep going round and round in circles.

Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) helps to ease stress and irritability.

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) is very calming and grounding.

Wedding Day Ideas Using Essential Oils

Wedding header


Star loversTanabata is celebrated on July 7th in Japan and is the day my niece was married 4 years ago. It’s the one day of the year when the princess weaver (Orihime) and the cow herder prince (Hikoboshi) represented by the stars Vega and Altair can meet. For the rest of the year they are separated by the Milky Way. Japanese celebrate the Star Festival when these two lovers can meet with street festivals, writing wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, on small colourful pieces of paper and hanging them on bamboo. These wishes are then set afloat on a river or burned after the festival.

Because of the romantic associations of this day I thought it would be a good time to write about essential oils that could be used to help celebrate a wedding.

Essential oils help to minimize your stress so you can focus on the things that really matter and enjoy your special day.

Bergamot for emotional spring cleaningBergamot (Citrus bergamia) brings joy and helps calm anxiety. This can be helpful for the groom as well as the bride if he is feeling a little nervous, anxious or stressed on the day.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) helps with change or moving on.

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) helps you breathe more deeply and relax.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is the oil of balance and can help you stay on an even keel on your wedding day.

Jasmine sambacJasmine sambac (Jasmine sambac) is a beautiful aromatic oil that inspires passion. You could also try jasmine (Jasminum officinalis) but whichever you choose use a tiny amount as she has a powerful aroma.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) can be used by the bride to help relax her and get a good night’s sleep the night before her wedding. Lavender is also useful to help calm the stress and anxiety that can happen on the day.

Neroli flowerNeroli (Citrus aurantium var.amara) is used to relieve tension and anxiety. Orange blossoms were traditionally used in bridal bouquets to help the bride stay calm.

Orange sweet (Citrus sinensis) is another oil that helps you relax and keep calm on the day.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) helps you stay self-assured, confident and grounded on the day.

Rosa damascenaRose (Rosa damascena) is a very feminine oil that helps you remain calm and loving.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is the oil of remembrance.

Sandalwood (Santalum album) is another very grounding and calming oil.

Ideas for using the oils on your wedding day
1. Mix 2 or 3 drops of geranium or jasmine or jasmine sambac or neroli or rose or sandalwood in 5mls of cold pressed vegetable oil and use as a perfume.

2. Make or have made for you your own signature oil blend or perfume for the day. Using scent can instantly take you back to your wedding day many years later because essential oils enter the limbic system of the brain where your memories and the emotions linked to them are stored. You could also wear it each anniversary.

Mist bottle3. Personal Spray Mist – Add up to 25 drops of your chosen oils mixed with an dispersant to a 50ml mist bottle filled with spring or distilled water and shake before use. Use as facial mist or to perfume your personal space.

4. A spritzer bottle can be placed on each table for guests to spray at their leisure. You can also make small bottles to give as favours to all your wedding guests, so they too can relive your special day.

5. Wedding favours – Make a blend for the guests to take home and use. Add oils to 15 or 25mls of cold pressed vegetable oil and place in a voile bag. A lovely aromatic gift they can use in a massage or bath.

If you would like to have your own personalised wedding favours made email me at carole@thefragrantbridge.com  or ring me on 0404 988 565 to discuss.



17 Ways to Lessen Work Stress

17 ways to lessen work stress

Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there”
Eckhart Tolle

When I worked in Japan in the late 80’s and early 90’s karoshi (death from overwork) was often talked about as many Japanese men would spend a lot of time at work, do overtime and then go out drinking with their boss and colleagues or go to language class. Most of this behaviour was due to peer pressure and cultural expectations.

nursesRecently I read in the newspaper that those working in health care, social services, shipping and construction are dying because of it. Many young Japanese women today are also victims of karoshi. When I speak of over work I’m not talking about a few hours overtime but up to 100 or 160 hours of overtime in the month before their death. Karoshi not only includes death from heart attack and stroke but also suicide from those who can no longer cope with the insane hours and stress placed upon them.

Here in Australia few people die from work stress but many are unhealthy and unhappy because of it.

It is not only stress from overwork that can kill you but studies have shown that failing to take your annual holidays puts you at a greater risk of dying of a heart attack. It’s also a good idea to take the weekend off from work. Turn off the phone, ipad, android or laptop and spend some time with your family and friends so you can go back to work feeling refreshed and better able to deal with whatever work throws your way.

The time to relax

Symptoms of work stress
symptoms of work stressWork stress may not end in death or suicide due to depression but there are many other symptoms that can indicate work stress is affecting your health. These include apathy, anxiety, loss of interest in work, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, dizziness, nausea, headaches, migraines, tight, stiff neck and shoulders, drug and alcohol abuse, trouble concentrating, not being able to rest even when you do take time off, withdrawing from family and friends.

17 ways to lessen work stress
It may not be possible to stop work stress but you can help negate some of its effects by improving your physical and emotional well-being before stress and overwork threatens your health. Try to do at least 5 of the following regularly. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

Prioritizing your work dayLearn to communicate better with your boss and co-workers.

Prioritize your work day and do the most important tasks first.

Whenever possible delegate tasks.

Exercise each day for e.g. walking, swimming, playing tennis, football, dancing.

Having a good laughSpend quality time with family and friends.

Spend time in meditation or visualising something that represents peace for you.

relaxing aroma massageHave a regular aroma massage – clients having monthly massages find they are better able to handle both work and life stresses.

Take a few deep, slow breaths when stress and anxiety threaten to overtake you.

Greeting the dayDo yoga or tai chi regularly.

Vaporize relaxing or uplifting essential oils like lavender, sweet orange, Roman chamomile, grapefruit, petitgrain, spruce, frankincense.

Watch comedy shows or read funny books and have a good belly laugh.

listening to musicListen to music.

Play with your children and animals.

Get enough sleep. Essential oils that can help you relax and get to sleep include lavender, Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram, neroli, valerian, sandalwood.

Healthy foodEat regular healthy meals. Don’t skip meals as this can leave you tired, anxious and irritable as well as being unable to concentrate.

Leave for work earlier in the morning to avoid traffic jams or crowded trains.

Take time away from work and use your weekends to refresh yourself.

7 Tips to Ease Christmas Stress

7 tips to ease Christmas stress header

Although most people find Christmas a happy and fun time it can also be a stressful time. The need to shop for presents, send cards and spend time with relatives and people we don’t particularly care for and eating and drinking too much can all result in stress.

Christmas can also be a bittersweet time if loved ones are no longer with us. There can also be conflict and misunderstanding when all the family gets together.

Christmas is not as much about opening presents as opening our hearts

Try the following 7 tips to lower your stress this Christmas.

1. Deep breathing
If you are feeling very anxious or stressed try some deep slow breathing, just focussing on your breath. If you can go outside and put your bare feet on the grass while you breathe that’s even better. You may also like to use an Aromastick to bring feelings of calm.

2. Take time out for yourself
Woman Lying in a Bathtub Holding a MugHave a relaxing bath or massage, listen to some of your favourite music, eat some chocolate or your favourite food and take the time to really taste and savour it. Do something you really like just for yourself.

3. Take some time out to meditate or listen to a relaxing visualisation.

4. Get plenty of sleep
Sleeping womanIt’s easy to burn the candle at both ends at this time of year but you’ll find you will cope better if you get plenty of sleep. Not enough sleep can make you tired, irritable and unable to cope with even minor upsets. If you are having difficulty getting to sleep try making a blend of 2 drops lavender, 2 drops geranium and 1 drop sandalwood in 10 mls of vegetable oil and rub into your chest, neck and shoulders about half an hour before going to bed. This should make enough for a few nights use.

5. Drink plenty of water.
Keep yourself well hydrated especially during these hot days of summer. If you are drinking alcohol remember to also drink some water in between drinks.

6. Ask for help.
Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ask for help before everything gets too much for you and you start resenting others.

7. Scent your Christmas tree.
Christmas treeIf you have an artificial tree you may like to take a few cotton balls and add a few drops of spruce, pine, cinnamon or whatever aroma reminds you of Christmas and happy times and place them in hidden little corners of your tree to bring the scents of Christmas into your home. Alternatively you could add a few drops of a blend to your diffuser to keep things calm.



Reflexology and Essential Oils

Reflexology and Essential Oils
foot reflexologyReflexology is a very relaxing therapy that works on the various parts of the body through the feet, hands and ears.
Essential oils can also contribute to this relaxation by adding another dimension to the session.  They can be used in various ways.

Using an aroma diffuser or oil burner is one of the easiest ways to introduce essential oils into the reflexology treatment. Choose an oil that the person likes from the following list, all are relaxing. Place 3 or 4 drops into the diffuser or oil burner.
Geranium, lavender, mandarin, neroli, palmarosa, petitgrain, sandalwood.
You may also choose to diffuse one or two of the antibacterial oils during the cold and flu season.

Foot bath
Woman Soaking Her FeetWhile you are taking a client’s history or as a prelude to the treatment you may like to use essential oils in the footbath. Antibacterial or antifungal oils can be used if you wish. Note that if you don’t use a solubiliser, use full fat milk or bubble bath to mix the oils in before adding to the bath or else the essential oils will sit on top of the water. 2 or 3 drops of essential oil is enough for a footbath.
Antibacterial oils include eucalyptus, frankincense, lemon, niaouli, pine, tea tree.
Antifungal oils include, geranium, lavender, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, teatree.

You can make your own cream or lotion to use on the feet during the session if you wish. To 10 grams of aqueous cream or lotion add up to 4 drops of your chosen oil or blend and mix in well. A mini mixer used for mixing drinks works well.
You may also choose to add a drop of essential oil to the reflex area being worked. Roman chamomile in 3% jojoba works well to calm the solar plexus or for digestive problems. Rose in 3% jojoba in the heart area can be used for grief or emotional issues. A drop of basil mixed with a drop or two of cold pressed vegetable oil can be applied to the toes to stimulate the brain or aid concentration.

Completing the treatment
You may wish to massage the client’s feet and legs as a way to finish. Again essential oils used in a cream or cold pressed oil can be a wonderful way to do this. In this case you may choose to use some stimulating oils to send them on their way. To make a blend use a total of 4 to 5 drops of essential oil in 10mls of cold pressed vegetable oil.
Stimulating oils include basil, jasmine, peppermint, rosemary.

Essential Oils for Cleansing

essential oils for cleansing header

September is the month when many people decide to do some spring cleaning here in Australia. You may wish to clear the build-up of negative energy from your home, workspace or self.

There are many essential oils that can help you. These include:
Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) – helps clear the mental clutter. She clears and cleanses a room and brings in positive energy.

Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) – helps release and cleanse the physical, emotional and mental clutter.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) – cleanses negativity in people and their environment, giving a sense of freedom and spaciousness.

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) – helps break ties with the past that may be weighing you down.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) – dissolves emotional energy blocks and heavy negative feelings, especially blame, anger and frustration.

Juniper (Juniperus communis) – cleanses and clears a room or person of negative energies and protects against negativity.

Lemon (Citrus limonum) – clears emotional confusion. Clears and cleanses the room.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) – clears and cleanses a room. Dispels negative energy and releases limitations.

Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) – clears feelings of agitation and heated emotions. Purifies the mind and body.

Pine (Pinus sylvestris) – clears and cleanses a room. Repels and clears negative energy.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) – clears and cleanses a room. Provides protection from negative influences.

Spruce (Picea mariana) – clears and cleanses bringing a sense of spaciousness.

How to Use
Cleansing and Protecting Your Aura
Use juniper or pine to cleanse or protect your aura before or after visiting crowded places, for example a shopping mall or train. Put one or two drops of the oil in the palm of your hands and stroke them lightly over the physical body and/or through your aura. Make sure the strokes touch the ground and sweep away from yourself or the person you are cleansing.

Add up to 6 drops of essential oil to half a cup of full fat milk and add to the bath water. (The milk helps the oil disperse through the water rather than sitting on top of it. You could also use a solubiliser for this purpose). Lay in the bath and breathe in the cleansing aroma. If you use frankincense you could also visualize cutting all the old ties that are weighing you down.

Use up to 4 drops in the vaporiser to clear the room after an argument or heavy healing session.

Make a spray using 50 mls of spring water and up to 15 drops of essential oils to spray your room (don’t spray furniture) or self (make sure your eyes are closed). This is also useful for cleansing areas after you have de-cluttered a space or your wardrobe.

Self Care For Mums

Self care

A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
Dorothy Canfield Fisher

A child giving her mother flowersThis Sunday is Mother’s Day – a day when mothers new and old can hopefully get a little time to themselves.

In this day and age many mothers are busy looking after their family, working, shopping and driving their kids around to various events, etc. with very little time to themselves. In fact they may devote themselves entirely to their family with no timeout for themselves getting more and more stressed in the process.

We all need to nourish ourselves on both a physical, mental and emotional level consistently to keep stress at bay. Here are a few ideas for self-care and essential oils that can help you with that.

self care First take some time out for doing things you like such as reading, swimming, playing tennis, walking, massage whether on yourself or by a professional. At the very least you can steal a few moments to take some deep breaths and perhaps do some stretches. If you can do these outside in nature with your shoes off and your feet on the ground you will find your stress levels coming down and you’ll be able to deal with the stresses of family life more easily.

If deep breathing is all you can manage, try breathing in a favourite essential oil or one of the calming oils such as lavender, geranium, bergamot, marjoram or one of the citrus (lemon, sweet orange, mandarin, lime or grapefruit) to give you a lift. You can place about 6 drops in a diffuser to perfume the air or add a drop or two to a tissue to inhale or if you literally have no time try having a sniff or two from your essential oil bottle.

Self massage is another good way to release stress. Simply taking the time out to massage yourself whether it is a neck, shoulder and arm massage or a leg and foot massage can bring the stress levels down. One recipe you can try is lavender 3 drops, geranium 2 drops in 10 mls cold pressed vegetable oil or if you don’t like lavender try Australian sandalwood 2 drops and grapefruit 3 drops. Even better if you have the time have an aromatherapy massage, reflexology, Indian head massage or other bodywork done by a professional which will help you relax.  Just the act of taking time to nurture yourself this way can bring your stress levels down.

You can also consider adding essential oils to a non-perfumed shower gel to invigorate you in the morning or even easier adding a few drops to the shower floor and letting the hot water release the aroma as you’re showering.

Woman Lying in a Bathtub Holding a MugIf you can make the time in the evening having a bath with 4-6 drops of essential oil added to the warm water and swished about with some soothing music playing in the background can also do wonders.

Also consider using essential oils when you are cleaning. For example try using them when cleaning your floor. Add 4 drops of lemon essential oil and 2 drops of eucalyptus to 2 tablespoons of liquid soap. Add this to your warm bucket of water and mop the floor for a fresh clean smell which uplifts you at the same time.

Taking time to eat a healthy meal to which some fresh smelling herbs like rosemary, thyme, marjoram or basil have been added can also bring nourishment to both body and soul.

These are just a few ways you can nourish yourself and keep your stress levels down. If these ideas don’t appeal to you find some that do as it is important that you care for yourself so you have the energy to care for others.

5 Essential Oils For Summer

5 essential oils for summer

Essential oils are very useful for the minor ailments of summer especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Below are 5 oils to help you deal with these minor inconveniences.

Make sure you buy pure essential oils and not fragrant oils. Also note the botanical name of the oil so that you use the same oil in the recipes below. There are many different lavenders, chamomiles and geraniums, etc. Each bottle of oil will contain the botanical name below the name of the oil.

GERMAN CHAMOMILE (Matricaria recutita)
German Chamomile flowersGerman chamomile is a good oil to have on hand for summer. Use to treat inflamed, irritated skin including dermatitis, boils, acne, nappy rash, eczema, psoriasis and dry itchy skin. She can also be used to relieve the pain associated with burns, sprains, cramps and insect bites.
Emotionally German chamomile helps calm the body and mind and can be used to help stress related symptoms including insomnia and headaches.

Insect bite relief
Mix together German chamomile 3% 6 drops and lavender 2 drops and apply directly to the insect bites to ease the itch. German chamomile hydrosol applied directly to the area can also ease the itching.

EUCALYPTUS (Eucalyptus radiata)
Eucalyptus treesEucalyptus is useful for bringing down fevers and treating the symptoms of summer colds. She can also be used for easing muscular aches, pains and strains, wound healing and insect bites.

Summer Cooling Mist
Add lavender 10 drops, peppermint 3 drops and eucalyptus 2 drops to 15 drops of oil-to-water dispersant. Add this to 50 mls still, spring or distilled water or lavender hydrosol in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use if you don’t have or use oil-to-water dispersant. Keep in the fridge when not in use to keep cool.

LAVENDER (Lavendula angustifolia)
Lavender FlowersLavender can be used in a wide variety of situations including minor burns, sunburn, rashes, bruises, wounds and insect bites. She’s helpful for easing sore muscles and headaches. Apply to minor burns as soon as possible to ease the pain and prevent blisters. Emotionally lavender is nurturing and helps with anger, worry, fear and insomnia.

After sun spray
Keep this in a spray bottle in the fridge and use it to ease the pain of sunburn. Mix lavender 20 drops to 20 drops of oil-to-water dispersant. Add to 50ml still, spring or distilled water. Shake well before spraying onto the skin. You could also use lavender hydrosol.
After sun bath
Add lavender 5 drops, German chamomile 3% in jojoba 6 drops to 11 drops of oil-to-water dispersant. Add the mixture to a bath filled with lukewarm water. If you don’t have any oil-to-water dispersant be sure to swish the water vigorously or add oils to some full fat milk and add that to the water.

PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita)
Peppermint leavesA drop of peppermint essential oil rubbed into the soles of your feet can help bring your temperature down if you are suffering from the heat. Peppermint is also useful for headaches due to digestive issues and sinus congestion as well as relieving the nausea associated with travel sickness. Use peppermint to help keep you alert when you feel mentally fatigued due to the heat or driving long distances.

Nausea/travel sickness relief
Add peppermint 2 drops to 5mls of cold pressed vegetable oil and gently massage over the stomach area. It is best to do this 30 minutes before you travel.
You could also fill an empty small glass container (essential oil bottle, pill bottle) with a couple of cottonballs to which 3 or 4 drops of peppermint essential oil have been added. Open the bottle and take a few sniffs whenever you feel nauseous. Make sure to keep the lid on when not in use. You could also use a personal inhaler if you have one.

ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis)
RosemaryRosemary is good to have on hand to ease those aches and pains from too much sport or gardening. It is also useful for headaches and tiredness caused by the heat.

Muscular Aches and Pains
Add rosemary 4 drops, lavender 2 drops and eucalyptus 4 drops to 15 mls of cold pressed vegetable oil and gently massage.


Essential Oils for the New Year

essential_oils_for_the_new_yearOften at this time of year people make New Year resolutions with the intention of keeping them but by the end of the month many are forgotten. Perhaps they were too difficult to keep and you are now feeling bad about that.

May I suggest that you either make resolutions that make you feel good and are very easy to keep or that you choose a word that will be your guiding light for 2015.

Woman having an aromatherapy massageSome examples of New Year’s resolutions that may feel good could be to have some chocolate or other food you fancy once a week but really take the time to enjoy it and how it makes you feel good rather than feeling bad because you perceive that it is bad for you. Another could be that you will give yourself time for you once a week. This could be as simple as having a regular massage, vaporising some oils, going for a walk or sitting in the garden for five minutes. It really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is something you enjoy. Give yourself the gift of you. You give so much to family, friends and work so why not give something to yourself?

If you choose a word that will be your guiding light for the year choose one that feels right for you. It may be a word you hear or see several times or you can meditate and see what comes. Know why you are choosing the word and put the power of intention behind it.

You may choose the words release or letting go as a guide to help you clear the clutter in your life whether physical, mental, emotional or releasing unwanted kilos.
You may choose beauty or gratitude so that even in the darkest of times you can see or find the beauty around you or feel a sense of gratitude for something in your life. You may even choose a word like progress or innovative. It doesn’t really matter what the word or phrase is as long as it feels right for you and can act as guiding light to help you through the coming year.

Some oils that you may like to use to help with your potential are
Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) – can help you find and stay focussed on your direction in life and take responsibility for your actions.

CedarwoodCedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) – can give you the courage to move forward and follow your dreams.


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) – can help you let go of old ideas, beliefs, emotions, and habits that you no longer need.

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) can bring clarity when you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what you should be doing.

Geranium 7Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is another oil to choose if you are beginning something. She can bring a sense of renewal and is also the perfect oil for bringing balance to all aspects of your life, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) – motivates you to move past any restrictions or limitations you have put in place.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) – helps you reconnect with your purpose and passion in life.

Fennel 5Sweet fennel (Foeniculum vulgare dulce) – is helpful if you feel that there are aspects of the past year that you need to bring to a close so that you can begin afresh.