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Directions to Saihoji

Many reiki practitioners when they go to Tokyo like to visit Saihoji where Usui’s memorial is located. It is a small suburban temple that is not marked by name on the map. When I went there 2 years ago I had to ask a policeman who didn’t know where it was. He rang his station and asked me to go there. When I walked the couple of metres to the station a policeman was waiting for me. He took me to the main intersection and showed me the street leading to the temple it was then easy to find.

I have written the following directions illustrated with photos so that anyone who wishes will be able to find Saihoji easily.

Take the Marunouchi subway line (marked in red on subway maps) and get off at Shin-Kõenji station.

Tokyo subway map

Take the south exit stairs up to the street. Turn right and cross the small street. You will see Queen’s Isetan on your right. Be aware that there is also another exit on the opposite side of the street. If you come out on the wrong side you can continue along the street and cross the road at the main intersection mentioned below.

Queen's Isetan

Continue along the street until you come to a big intersection.  There will be a restaurant called Sukiya to your right. You should see a convenience store called Sunkus on the other side.

Intersection with Sukiya and Sunkus

Cross the road and turn right. You will see a bike station a little further down the street. Walk towards it and you will see another street leading off this one. Go down it. (You can see the street at the back of the above picture.)

Street for Saihoji

You will know you have taken the right street if you see a building near the entrance with the words Milly, Molly, Mandy written on it.

MMM building at street entrance

Continue down this street and you will soon see a wire fence enclosing the temple grounds.

Saihoji Fence

Continue on until you reach the entrance. Go inside.

Entrance to Saihoji

Once inside follow the path past the garden, bell and Kannon statue.

Area just inside temple entrance

As you walk along you will pass a small building containing wooden pails. Take the path to the left behind the statues.

Temple statues

Turn right at the 2nd path and continue along this path until you reach the gravesite and the memorial stone.

Path to memorial stone


Usui's gravesite and memorial stone

You will find two short videos on Saihoji here and here

More photos

Saihoji Temple

Saihoji in kanji

Shin Koenji station street entrance





Saihoji temple,                     Saihoji in kanji               Street entrance of Shin-koenji station

The address of Saihoji is 1-4-56 Umesato, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo