Aromatherapy Massage

Woman having an aromatherapy massageAromatherapy massage is a method of healing using very concentrated aromatic essential oils with the soothing power of a massage. It can help maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being .

Each oil has its own unique qualities with the emotional or subtle side of essential oils treating the emotional causes behind your physical ailments thus helping to bring you back to your true self.

As a holistic treatment, aromatherapy massage can have a profound effect on your physical and psychological well-being. It has been said that scent, as the most enduring of your senses, has the power to transform your emotions, and heal your body and spirit.

Combining the healing power and scent of the essential oils with the nurturing and beneficial touch of massage forms a potent healing treatment resulting in a deeper feeling of well-being and relaxation helping to restore you to your true self.

Take the time to nurture your true self with a healing massage using a blend made especially for you

• Relaxation
• Stress relief
• Calms anxiety
• Relieves headaches
• Helps lift the spirits
• Eases pain and tension from tense or overworked muscles
• Better sleep
• Increased mental clarity
• Improve the condition of your skin

$90 FOR 1 HOUR

I first started going to Carole because my physiotherapist advised it. I was experiencing lower back pain and while the recommended exercises helped, I found the massages really gave me relief. I continued getting a massage every five weeks and over time did not need medication and did not have any pain.
I have continued getting a massage every five weeks and it has now been ten years that I have been going to Carole. She has always been extremely professional, polite and friendly. I am more than satisfied with the service she gives. Her treatment has been gentle remedial with essential oils and it has improved my general well being. It has made me more relaxed and has improved my overall demeanour.
Lauren Julian
Teacher, Milperra

Since I can remember I have always suffered with anxiety. The inability to concentrate at times was debilitating. There were days when I found it impossible to do the simplest task.
A friend suggested that a massage might help. That’s when my journey commenced. I met Carole.
It’s been an amazing journey. Carole personalised Aromatherapy Oil Blends for me and showed me how to use specific massage techniques I could use at home.
Having regular Aromatherapy massage sessions and using these techniques changed my life.
I now have a very high profile satisfying job that requires immense focus and concentration.
I continue on my life’s journey now in harmony, being calm, able to cope and a happier person thanks to Carole.
Anne D.