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I have long felt that essential oils contain the soul of the plant in essence form. The plants and trees want to help you on your healing journey. This they do by reaching out to you on a soul level helping you to heal on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It is truly a soul to soul healing.

Mikao Usui  After visiting Mt Kurama and Saihoji and spending time visiting various temples devoted to Kannon (also known as Quan Yin) I wanted to make a blend that would incorporate the essence of reiki. There are essential oils that can be vaporised or used on the palms like lavender and frankincense but I felt reiki deserved its own blend made from Japanese oils.

I also wanted to make it as a layered blend. Many blends today are a single layer blend. The oils are blended once and then bottled but I decided I wanted my blend to focus on the reiki journey itself. It was made in 4 layers over several days while a Kannon mantra was chanted. I felt Kannon (the goddess of mercy and compassion) as well as Usui’s energy was needed in this blend.

reiki written in japanese scriptI see the Reiki Journey as a sacred blend to help guide you on a healing journey back to your true self. It can be used by reiki practitioners and other healers to help their clients.

The blend is a 4 layered blend with each layer representing a stage on the reiki journey.

These stages are:
1. The foundation layer representing the beginning as Mikao Usui was formulating the spiritual healing and practices that would form the basis of reiki.

2. Mt Kurama where he received his inspiration and went on to teach and initiate others into reiki.

3. Saihoji where Mikao Usui’s grave and memorial is located.

4. Reiki practitioners including not only Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata but all those practitioners who continue to teach or practice reiki today.

Kannon Statue at Saihoji In addition to the 4 Japanese essential oils, a Kannon (Quan Yin) mantra was chanted, and the reiki symbols and precepts were added energetically to the blend in addition to the energies of both Mt Kurama and Saihoji.

Each 15ml bottle contains the pure essential oils of Hakka, Hinoki, Hokkaido Momi and Tosa Konatsu in fractionated coconut and is individually hand poured, labelled and given a final reiki blessing before it reaches you.

When you receive this blend place it next to your heart with the intention to heal what is needed. Then smell the oil and notice or feel what happens. Finally place a drop or two in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and commence giving reiki. If you don’t know reiki simply place your palms where needed and allow the blend to do its work.

You can read more about the making of this blend here

Reiki Journey bottle

$30 for 15 mls


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