Mt Kurama Healing Blend

Mikao Usui's-GravesiteThe Mt Kurama Healing Blend is a powerful 5 layered aromatherapy blend made on the steps of Mikao Usui’s memorial in Saihoji, Tokyo and on Mt Kurama near Kyoto, Japan in the days leading up to, during and the day after Wesak (a ceremony of light, water and sacred sound) a very powerful time energetically on the mountain.

Mikao UsuiMt Kurama is the mountain where Mikao Usui received reiki (translated as soul energy or universal life force) which he was able to then pass on to others. During Usui’s time there were many forms of healing both hands on and hands off. This blend can be used with any type of healing including reiki.

Õsugi GongenThis blend was made in the grounds of the main temple and in the Õsugi Gongen area; the place where some consider Usui meditated and received reiki. This is a sacred area on the mountain. It is a little off the beaten track but those Japanese who know of it come here to meditate. It is surrounded by many cedar trees and is overlooked by the remains of the trunk of a sacred tree that was1000 years old before it was knocked over by typhoon Jane in 1950. It is probable that Usui would have meditated in the shadow of this sacred tree when he visited Mt Kurama.

The Honden Grounds at Mt Kurama   Õsugi Gongen area

This is my second reiki blend and one I chose to make entirely in Japan with Japanese essential oils to bring the energy of this special place to those who do healing work. The mountain itself has a very gentle healing feel to it and it was this energy I wanted to encapsulate into the bottle along with the healing qualities of the essential oils and crystals.

In addition to the following Japanese oils 2 chrysanthemum stones were buried in the earth near this sacred spot for 24 hours to allow them to absorb the energies of this area. These crystals were then allowed to infuse into the fractionated coconut which is the base of this blend.

The sacred fire at WesakThe oils, chrysanthemum stones, the areas on Mt Kurama where the blend was made and the Wesak ceremonies including purification, chanting and awakening all combine to make this a powerful blend for connecting reiki practitioners and others to the sacred energies of Mt Kurama.

The oils and crystals used
Sugi - Japanese cedar Sugi – (Cryptomeria japonica) also known as Japanese Cedar has a very light and sweet fragrance and is used in the blend for her grounding powers and longevity. She reminds you that the soul lives on long after the body has ceased to exist.

hinoki-treeHinoki (Chamaecyparis obtuse) has been used in Japan for building temples and shrines for centuries. She is a very relaxing oil helping to ground you and not be overwhelmed by stressful situations. Hinoki can also be used to purify your aura.

HakkaHakka ((Mentha arvensis) is Japanese peppermint. She is used to help during a spiritual crisis by reconnecting you to your purpose and clearing away the confusion. Hakka is also used because of her ability on an energetic level to help you digest and assimilate new thoughts and beliefs.

Yuzu fruitYuzu (Citrus junos) is very uplifting and helpful for anxiety, depression and nervousness bringing peace of mind and serenity. She can also help those who are reluctant to ask for help when needed.

Chrysanthemum Stone crystalChrysanthemum Stone was infused into the fractionated coconut oil. It is a Japanese stone and the flower is the crest of the imperial family. In addition this crystal can awaken your dormant potential and give you the courage to follow your dreams encouraging you to express love and joy.

How to Use Your Blend
The essential oils are blended in fractionated coconut so this blend is not suitable for vaporising.
Apply to your palms and smell the aroma or if you are giving reiki or other healing have the person inhale the aroma then commence the treatment.
Apply a little to your palms and brush through your aura to cleanse it.
Apply to any area of your body that you intuitively feel needs it.
Breathe in the blend while meditating.
Breathe in while reciting and thinking about the 5 gokai or reiki precepts.

Mt Kurama Healing Blend bottleThis blend is no longer for sale.

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