Fragrant Change Healing Cards

The Fragrant Change Healing Cards are a set of 40 cards featuring pictures of plants, flowers, trees and resins with an inspirational phrase. There are also 2 cards with ideas for using the cards.

Fragrant Change Healing Cards

These cards are based on 40 essential oils and can be used with or without the oils. Knowledge of aromatherapy is not mandatory, as the cards are self-explanatory.

The cards

  • Angelica FCHCangelica, basil, black pepper,
  • cedarwood, roman chamomile, cinnamon,
  • clary sage, clove, cypress,
  • eucalyptus, fennel sweet, frangipani,
  • frankincense, geranium, ginger,
  • grapefruit, jasmine, juniper,
  • kunzea, laurel, lavender,
  • lemon, lemongrass, lime,
  • mandarin, marjoram, melissa,
  • neroli, patchouli, peppermint,
  • petitgrain, pine, rose,
  • rosemary, sage, sandalwood,
  • tea tree, thyme, vetiver and yarrow.

Use the Cards as a/an

  1. Eucalyptus Fragrant Change Healing Cardinspiration for the day
  2. daily affirmation card.
  3. meditation aid – use the card’s photo as a focus for your meditation.
  4. guide to which essential oil would benefit you at this time
  5. basis for a massage blend
  6. energetic tool – if you don’t have the essential oil, focus on the photo, imagine the aroma and inhale to where it is needed
  7. essence – place a glass of water on the card to take on the properties of the plant, flower etc.
  8. healing tool – place one or more cards on the body wherever healing is needed.
  9. journal prompt
  10. theme of the day/week – place the card in a prominent position and whenever you see the card take a moment to reflect on how it is manifesting in your life at the moment.

To view a video about these cards click on the picture

FCHC Video picture

Healing or Affirmation Cards

LavenderFCHCAlthough these cards can be used as an affirmation they are more than your usual affirmation cards because of the photos and the energy they contain. All the photos were taken by me and contain the healing energy of that particular plant. As stated above they can be used in many different ways.


They come in a royal blue satin bag to keep them safe and measure 75x95cm.

Fragrant Change Cards and Bag

The total cost is $25 Aust. plus registered postage and packing. If buying from outside Australia, the USA, Canada or the UK  please email for postage details.
Payment options are by direct deposit or PayPal.


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If you have any questions or would like more details on the cards or to pay by direct deposit please feel free to email me at the above address.