Contemplations for the Soul Cards and Ebook

Unsure what question to ask?
Would you like some insight into your issue?
Would you like to access your inner guidance easily?
Are you feeling stressed because you’re not sure what to do?

Contemplations for the Soul is a 42 downloadable card set that comes with a 92 page A5 book containing questions and suggestions to help you gain clarity. The ebook can be printed or loaded onto your phone or device if you prefer.


Contemplations for the Soul helps you access your inner guidance by
asking the right question
considering your options
journaling what comes to mind
choosing the answer that is best for you at this moment in time

The cards contain photos of flowers, trees, plants and fruits. Most of the photos were taken by me.


Nature is a great healer and these cards help you connect to the beauty of the natural world on a soul level. Allow her wisdom to present you with the right question, and to reveal the answers and support you need from your own inner well of knowledge.


“The answer is within you – you just have to ask the right question and be willing to go within for the answer.”

Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium var. amara)
Have you been seeking answers to a question, ignoring something or in denial over what is happening around you?
Do you appear emotionally strong to others but hide from them and yourself how vulnerable you really feel?
Sit quietly and go within allowing your inner awareness to gently guide you to the answer you are seeking.
You have all the answers within you, simply trust and act on your inner knowing.
Know that you don’t have to be emotionally strong for others all the time.
Look within to see why you find it difficult to admit your vulnerability even to yourself.
Allow others to support and be strong for you on occasion.

These cards are a great meditation and journaling tool. Use them
before meditation as a focus for your meditation – meditate on the card or question/s
Journaling – journal prompt, as a theme of the day/week

If you notice the same card or questions coming up frequently take notice and dive deep to understand the reasons for it.

Use these cards and ebook when you
want clarity in the matter
want answers to a question
are unable to make a decision
want a tool to access the wisdom inside you
feel stressed because you don’t know what to do
have family and friends giving you conflicting advice

Access your own inner guidance. Let go of worry and fear. Gain insight, healing and confidence in your ability to do what is right for you.

The 2 downloads which consists of the 42 card set and 92 page ebook are available for Aust $16.00

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