Crystals and Essential Oils

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Crystals and essential oils work in harmony with each other and can be used in many different ways. Many have similar properties and when combined have powerful synergistic effects. It is important to realize that crystals can magnify and transmit the healer’s intent so be clear what your intent is before beginning the healing session.

These are some of the crystal and essential oil pairings you may like to consider. There are no hard and fast rules except to be guided by your intuition.

AmethystAmethyst and lavender – calming, anxiety and insomnia.

BloodstoneBloodstone and cedarwood – grounding and courage.


Blue lace agate and German chamomile – stress, inflammation, letting go of out dated beliefs and worries.


Citrine and rosemary – self-confidence, motivation, creativity and concentration.


hematite-wandHematite and myrrh – grounding, harmonises body, mind and spirit.


Labradorite and sandalwood – intuition, introspection and stress.


Moonstone and clary sage – intuition, emotional stress, PMS and mood swings.

rose-quartz-wandRose quartz and rose – compassion, love and healing.

sunstonesSunstone and bergamot – antidepressant, anger, vitality, confidence and optimism.

Ways to use
Place a tumblestone in your massage oil to potentise it. You may then add your essential oils. 2 or 3 drops of essential oil to 10 mls of vegetable oil is sufficient if you are making an energetic blend.

Crystal spheres and wands can be used to massage painful parts of the body. Bloodstone and hematite are good to use for this purpose.

Hematite is also very useful for grounding people who are feeling spaced out after massage. Gently rub a tumblestone under the soles of their feet or along their lower legs.

A tumblestone for example, citrine can be placed in 50 mls of spring water to potentise it, the crystal is then removed and the water poured into a spray bottle. 8-10 drops of an essential oil for example juniper, sage or spruce can then be added to the bottle, shaken and used to cleanse the room after each healing session.

Cleaning your crystals
The easiest way to cleanse your crystals is to place them under running water with the intention they will be cleansed. Another simple way is to clap your hands, hum, chant or ring a bell over your crystals.