Indian Head Massage

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Would you like to learn a massage that is easy to do and will benefit you, your family and friends?

Indian Head Massage is ideal as it is easy to learn and a complete treatment can be given in half an hour or less.

Learn with an experienced teacher. Carole has been teaching Indian Head Massage for 17 years both privately and in colleges. She has studied both here and abroad.

I attended Carole’s Indian Head Massage course and found it to be very professional, through and also very relaxing. I have been using Indian Head Massage in my aromatherapy clinic with fantastic results and feedback from my clients.
Catherine O’Connor,
Aromatherapist, Oatley

Indian head massage works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face to relieve stored tension, tight, sore neck and shoulders, stress, headaches, eye strain, insomnia, mental tiredness and anxiety. It is the perfect massage for people who carry their stress in their shoulders, or don’t like to undress. No oils are used, making it ideal in an office situation.

No previous experience in massage is necessary for this course. This is a very hands-on course and every student is given the opportunity not only to give, but to receive wonderful massages.

This is a 6 hour course that covers:

History of Indian Head Massage
Upper back and shoulders
Chakra Balancing
Finishing Treatment

Notes will be provided.

Please bring a pen, small towel & comb.

Course is held in Campbelltownand kept small to ensure maximum personal tuition.

Thank you for your time and expertise during the IHM class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I was glad it was small enough for us to learn so much from you. You were both focussed and relaxed at the same time.
Lucy Stride

Course Date: Sunday 20th October 2019

Where: Shop7A/261 Queen Street Campbelltown

Contact: Liz on (02) 4626 7758 (Elizabeth’s Crystal Garden)

Classes held from 10 – 4.30pm

Tuition: $200

Certificate of attendance given on request.

I have also received Indian Head Massage from Carole whilst I have had severe headache and neck pain. This treatment relieved my symptoms. I have taken a few of Carole’s other courses and found them easy to understand and fun.
Kerry S.
Registered nurse, Condell Park