Balancing Your Chakras With Essential Oils And Crystals

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This 6 hour course focuses on balancing your chakras with essential oils and crystals. You will also use aromatic affirmations that include the oils and a crystal for each chakra.

balancing your chakras

You will learn:-
what the chakras are
the location of the 7 main chakras
symptoms of imbalance
essential oils and crystals to balance each chakra and how to use them
an aromatic affirmation for each chakra

to balance the chakras on yourself and others

You will leave the class with tools to balance your chakras.

You will receive a set of chakra balancing tumble stones and make a roll on blend for yourself.

Date: Sunday 25th March 2018
Time: 10- 4.30 pm
Location: Padstow
Fee: $200
Notes will be provided.To book and pay download the booking formBooking form



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If you want a certificate of attendance make sure you fill out the booking sheet and email it to me.

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