An Introduction to Essential Oils

This 6-hour workshop is designed as an introduction on how to use essential oils effectively and safely.

You will learn basic blending skills, study 10 essential oils and their potential for assisting you with stress reduction, easing digestive complaints and reducing inflammation and pain.

You will blend and take home your own custom blend.

Quick Overview
Definition of essential oils
The importance of botanical names
How to care for your essential oils
Dilution and blending guidelines
Ways to Apply Essential Oils
Safety Guidelines
Therapeutic blending recipes to get you started on your blending journey

The following 10 essential oils and their therapeutic, emotional and spiritual properties will be studied
1. Chamomile German
2. Clary Sage
3. Eucalyptus
4. Frankincense
5. Geranium
6. Ginger
7. Lavender
8. Orange Sweet
9. Peppermint
10. Sandalwood

Notes will be provided. Please bring a pen.

Course Location: Padstow

Course Date: Sunday May 20th 2018

Classes held from 10 – 4.30pm

Tuition: $200Booking form

Please complete and email the booking form and receipt for the $200 fee

If you want a certificate of attendance make sure you fill out the booking sheet and email it to me.

Please email me with any questions that you may have at