About Carole

Carole’s Qualifications include
• Aromatherapy (Aust.)
• Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy and Therapeutic and Acupressure Massage (UK)
• Reflexology (Aust.)
• Remedial Massage (Aust)
• Shiatsu Therapy (Aust)

Advanced Certificates:
• The Field Study of Aromatic Plants & Advanced Essential Oil Studies (France)
• Massage in Pregnancy(UK)

• Aromatherapy, Cancer & Palliative Care (UK)
• Aromatic Prescriptions (Aust.)
• Basic & Intermediate Zen Shiatsu (Japan)
• Indian Head Massage (UK & Aust.)
• Massage and Aromatherapy in Cancer Care (UK)
• Reiki, Komyo & Usui (Japan & Aust.)
• Registered SPE Practitioner (US)

Carole’s story

Carole HodgesI have been involved in the healing profession all my working life. First as a nurse who specialized in ophthalmic (eye) nursing, later as a teacher of English working with nurses and doctors in Japan to improve their English and now as an aromatherapist who specializes in using essential oils to reconnect people to their true selves.

Although I have always had an interest in alternative therapies my first real connection with the work I am now doing started in Japan. While there a friend who studied Aikido mentioned a teacher who taught Zen Shiatsu. I did not follow it up immediately but for some reason found myself thinking about this course and asked him for the teacher’s name and number. He couldn’t remember but after a few promptings did finally get the name and number for me. From the first lesson I knew I would be working in this field. My friends thought I was crazy as I had been planning to do something entirely different. I studied other forms of shiatsu with other teachers before deciding to return to Australia and continue my studies.

Having made the decision to return I wasn’t sure where to study or the addresses of schools. (This was before the days of the internet.) A Canadian friend mentioned that she had an ATMS book with the names of Australian colleges and gave it to me. Having chosen the Shiatsu course I decided on the spur of the moment to do my Diploma of Aromatherapy. I knew nothing about aromatherapy at this time and didn’t realize that this would be the direction I would finally head in life.

Near the end of my diplomas I decided I wanted to combine the philosophy of Shiatsu with my knowledge of the essential oils. I found a book on this subject and decided to do a course in England. Having found a job there I did the course and others in Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. On my return to Australia I began to use the oils more for their spiritual and emotional properties in order to bring my clients back to their true selves. I also began to teach Indian Head Massage. I have continued my studies in these areas as well as others.

In October 2009 I returned to Japan to do a Reiki course, visit Mt Kurama and friends and participate in the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage. For more information visit Sacred Japan. This was a very special trip in which we were able to see many images and statues of Kannon (Quan Yin) that had not been seen by anyone in this or in some cases many lifetimes.

I returned to Japan again in 2013 to visit Kyoto, Mt Kurama and spend Wesak there, another unforgettable experience. I also bought more oils not easily obtained in Australia. I made a special reiki blend and also use the oils with clients when needed to help with the emotional and spiritual issues.

In 2010 I flew to LaConner near Seattle to study with Dr Bruce Berkowsky to get another view on helping clients with their emotional issues. I have continued to study with him through online courses and have learnt many new blending techniques that I use when making my reiki blends and perfumes.

In September 2014 I travelled to Dublin to attend the Botanica conference to hear world renown speakers talk on various subjects related to aromatherapy and will continue to update my knowledge on aromatherapy so I can bring my clients the best service available.